Philadelphia Environmental Consulting Services


CABE was awarded two multi year contracts with the City of Philadelphia for environmental consulting Le’Veon Bell Kids Jersey services related to storage tanks and general environmental services. Storage tank services included maintaining storage tank sites and Le’Veon Bell Jersey maintaining compliance with environmental regulations (investigation of storage tank leaks, tank testing and design of tank replacements and related remediation work). General environmental consultant services included Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, investigation of soil contamination, environmental remediation design, Title V air permitting and review of construction projects.

phila1Projects included:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for numerous City-owned sites and sites to be acquired or sold.
  • SPCC Plans at numerous facilities including SPCC plans for two large buildings operated by the City Le’Veon Bell Authentic Jersey of Philadelphia. Oil is used by these facilities for emergency power generation and as a secondary fuel source for building boilers. The location of the buildings in an urban setting presented unique challenges for oil spill prevention planning and preparation. CABE worked with the facilities’ personnel to develop practical solutions to these challenges without creating an unnecessary burden on the facilities’ personnel responsible for oil operations
  • Several investigations involving characterization of stockpiled soil and evaluating soil disposal options.
  • A Title V air emissions inventory for a large city complex to fulfill compliance requirements. Project included annual certifications and reporting.
  • Additional investigations that have included the sampling of ash and other media at a former City-owned incinerator, and remedial recommendations.
  • Tank related projects at over 70 sites including developing specifications for storage tank removal and tank testing and associated recommendations.
  • Environmental Compliance Audit and Manual for large city complex involving regulations related to CWA, CAA, RCRA, TSCA, NESHAPS, and SPCC.
  • Soil investigations relating to potential leakage from underground storage tanks and subsequent recommendations in accordance with PA Act 2 and Act 32 guidelines.
  • PCB sampling of transformers at City-owned residential facility.
  • Design of new UST and AST systems for several City-owned and operated sites.
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